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Maple Bay Yushan Mountain Li Lake Confucius Temple Qionghuaguan Wangshiyuan
Cold Mountain Temple
IntroductionCold Mountain Temple is situated ten kilometers from Fengqiao Old Town in Suzhou, or
Liuyuan Garden
IntroductionThe name Liuyuan or Lingering Garden actually means lingering in the world. First co
Suzhou Amusement Park
IntroductionSuzhou Amusement Park is located in the center of High New District, foot of Lion Mo
Baosheng Temple
IntroductionBaosheng Temple is situated in Luzhi Town, Wu County, Jiangsu Province and was built
Canglang Pavilion
IntroductionCanglang Pavilion is located near Sanyuanfang, Suzhou City, has the longest history
IntroductionChunzailou is located in the old town of Dongshan, in Wuxian County, Suzhou, it was
IntroductionDongshan's full name is Dongting lake dongshan, Suzhou, is a peninsula of Dongti
Guangfu Ancient Town
IntroductionGuangfu ancient town is a town lying 20 km west of Suzhou, o­n the bank of Taihu
IntroductionHongyinshanfang was the private landscape garden of a scholar named Xu Shiyuan who l
Huanxiu Mountain Villa
IntroductionHuanxiu Mountain Villa is situated o­n Jingde Road, Suzhou, was originally the s
Jingsi Garden
IntroductionJingsi Garden is the private garden built by entrepreneur of private enterprise-Chen
Lingyan Mountain
IntroductionLingyan Mountain tourism area, located in the northwest of the Mudu County
IntroductionLuzhi is located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province, Luzhi is an old but extremely be
IntroductionMudu lies in the west of Suzhou, by the side of Taihu Lake, is a famous historical a
Panmen Gate
IntroductionPanmen Gate stands at the southwestern corner of the ancient city of Suzhou, has man
Qiyuan Garden
IntroductionQiyuan Garden is located o­n the East Mountain by the Taihu Lake, 30km southwest
Sanshan Island
IntroductionSanshan Island has both delicious eats and beautiful scenery. Located near Tailu Lak
Shantang Street
IntroductionShantang street, the heavenly downtown street in Suzhou, has a long highstory of mor
Stone Lake
IntroductionStone lake lying 7 km to the southwest of the Suzhou city, the Stone Lake Scenic Are
Suzhou New Museum
IntroductionSuzhou new museum founded in 1960 and originally located in the national historic la
Xiyuan Temple
IntroductionXiyuan Temple covering an area of 10 mu (about 1.6 acres) in Suzhou was constructed
Taihu Daqiao
IntroductionSuzhou Great Bridge o­n Tai Lake (Taihu Daqiao) is the Great Bridge o­n Tai
Tianping Mountain
IntroductionSituated 30km to the west of Suzhou City, Tianping Mountain is the famous scenic spo
IntroductionWangshiyuan, or Fisherman's Garden, is the smallest among the four most famous c
IntroductionXiangxuehai is the best place to enjoy the famous plum blossom grown exclusively in
Xuanmiao Temple
IntroductionXuanmiao Temple is a prominent Taoist temple with a long history, located at the cen
IntroductionYipu was o­nce a very famous residential garden in Ming Dynasty. It was located
Zijin Convent
IntroductionThe Zijin Convent was built during the Tang Dynasty, and features 16 vividly painted
The Humble Administrator's Garden
Located in Suzhou, The Humble Administrator's Garden, covering about 52,000 sq. meters (12.8
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill is located 3.5 km from Suzhou City, the capital of Jiangsu Province. It is a famous r
Lion Forest Garden
As o­ne of the four famous gardens of the city of Suzhou, Lion Forest Garden was famous for